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St. Joseph’s Benedictine Monastery is a Conventual Priory of the Order of St. Benedict of Montefano, known as the Sylvestrines, founded by St. Sylvester Guzzolini(1177-1267).The mother house of this monastic congregation is located in Montefano, Fabriano, Italy, a place of historical importance in the annals of the Order. It is noteworthy that in 1248 the Holy See granted official recognition to this Congregation, thus consolidating its place within the wider Catholic Church..

Nestled in the picturesque hill district of Wayanad, on the north-eastern edge of the state of Kerala, India, St Joseph's Benedictine Monastery was founded in 1962. This serene retreat is strategically located at an elevation of approximately 700 to 2100 metres above sea level, offering a sublime setting amidst the mountains of the Western Ghats. Known as one of the most enchanting hill stations in the state of Kerala, India, this monastery offers a contemplative retreat amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Western Ghats..

The Order of St Benedict of Montefano, now recognised as the Sylvestrine-Benedictines or simply the Sylvestrines, has a special status as a member congregation within the wider framework of the Order of St Benedict (Ordo Sancti Benedicti) . This venerable Order is an integral part of the Benedictine Confederation, a network of monastic communities that adhere to the Rule of St Benedict. Adherence to the Rule serves as a unifying force among Benedictine communities worldwide, fostering a common commitment to the principles of prayer, work and community life.

As the custodian of the Sylvestrine tradition, St Joseph's Benedictine Monastery Makkiyad in Wayanad embodies the rich spiritual heritage and disciplined way of life prescribed by St Benedict. The monastery stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of St Sylvester Guzzolini and the wider Benedictine heritage, providing a haven for prayer, reflection and community life amidst the verdant hills of Wayanad. 

Message From Conventual Prior


Welcome to our cyberspace - "Benedictines Makkiyad" 

Once more, we embrace the profound joy and tranquility that accompany our celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus. Through the divine orchestration of His suffering, death, and triumphant return, God draws intimately near to us in our moments of affliction, shattering the shackles of sin, death, and all forms of darkness. In Christ, God incarnate, we encounter not a distant deity, but a compassionate companion who intimately understands and shares in the frailties of our humanity.

Easter morning unveils the profound truth of a God who walks alongside us in the mundane realities of life, continuously pouring out boundless love upon humanity. Reflecting on the Gospel narrative, we witness the astonishment of the three women approaching the tomb, burdened by the weight of a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. Yet, upon their arrival, they discover the stone has already been rolled away. It prompts us to ponder: Have we allowed barriers to obstruct our encounter with the resurrected Jesus? Regardless of our circumstances, when we approach Him with hearts akin to those women, the Risen Lord unfailingly removes every hindrance.

Let us trust unwaveringly in the transformative power of the Risen Lord. Jesus dismantles the barriers of despair, fear, uncertainty, grief, and even death itself. We are encouraged to identify the stones obstructing our journey and entrust them to Jesus, allowing His glorious presence to illuminate our lives. May our hearts resonate with the Spirit of Easter; overflowing with joy, peace and love.

Wishing you all the abundant Peace and Joy of Easter!

With heartfelt blessings, Fr. Vincent Korandiarkunnel OSB

Conventual Prior

Our Monastery

St. Joseph's Benedictine Monastery at Makkiyad belongs to the Sylvestrine Congregation, a monastic reform movement in the Benedicitne monastic world that took place in the eastern-central Italy

Founded in the year 1973 in the Arch Diocese of Bangalore, Karnataka State, Vanashram is a dependent house of St. Joseph's Benedictine Monastery, Makkiyad.

Founded in the year 1982 in the Diocese of Gwalior, in the State of Madhya Pradesh, JeevanJyothi Ashram was a dependent house of St. Joseph's Benedictine Monastery, Makkiyad.

Founded in the year 1992 in the Diocese of Kannur, Kerala State, Benhill Benedictine Monastery is a dependent house of St. Joseph's Benedictine Monastery, Makkiyad.

Founded in the year 1999 in the Diocese of Dibrugarh, in the North Easter State of Assam, AshirsadanBenedicitne Monastery is a dependent house of St. Joseph's Benedictine Monastery

Founded in the year 1987 in the Diocese of Vijayawada, in the State of Andhra Pradesh, Navajeevan Benedictine Monastery was a dependent house and a foundation of St. Joseph's Benedictine Monastery.

Todays Message
“Idleness is the enemy of the soul; and therefore the brethren ought to be employed in manual labor at certain times, at others, in devout reading.” The Rule of Saint Benedict Weapon against the temptations of the evil one
Elijah's Horeb experience reminds us that God doesn't shout; He only whispers. One can listen to Him only when the heart & mind are silent. External silence helps too Elijah's model of God experience