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Benedictine Retreat Centre

Benedictine Retreat Centre

Shantiniketan Benedictine Retreat Centre was constructed to meet the growing demands for retreats from the lay people. The monastery guest rooms were insufficient to provide facilities for the larger groups and so now the new centre has the facilities for 300 people to stay and make their retreat at a time. The Retreats are part of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. People come for the retreats from the different parts of the nation. The goal of the retreats is to renew a love for Christ and His Catholic Church. Healing and deliverance ministries are conducted not only to comfort people in their afflictions but also as a sign of God's great love for them. Those who wish to attend the retreat are expected to book in advance.  

Those who are interested to know about the retreat centre or to attend the retreat are asked to kindly click the following link: